Pretzel 1,80
Pretzel with butter 2,80
Chips of Tsiteli-Doli-noodles 5,80
Chips of spinache-noodles 5,80
Pesto of eggplants and walnuts 5.80
Tsiteli-Doli-bread with chilandro or ginger butter 5,80
Lard with apples, onions and rye bread 5,80

Cold dishes
Salad of carrots and apples with rye bread 8,80
Salad of horseradish with rye bread 8,80
Homemade liver-meatloaf with sour cucumber and rye bread 9,80
Tarragon-Sulguni with rye bread 9,80
Smoked trout fillet with horseradish cream and rye bread 12,80
German salad platter with egg and rye bread 12,80
German Hering salad with rye bread 14,80
Assortment of cheeses 22,80
Brotzeit (pickled pork, bacon, tongue, brawn) with bread 22,80

Broth with Suebian pasta squares „Maultaschen“ 8,80
Broth with Bavarian liver-dumpling 8,80
Cream of potato soup with bacon and onions 9,80
Hungarian goulash soup 12,80
Quality sausages from Germany
Debrecziner (2 pieces) 8,80
Frankfurter (2 pieces) 8,80
Käsekrainer (1 piece) 11,80
Munich white sausages in broth (2 pieces) 13,80

Krakauer with ham (1 piece) 12,80
Curry-sausage (1 piece) 12,80
Roast sausages „Nürnberger“ (6 pieces) 16,80
Pork neck steak (200 gr) 11,80
Rumpsteak (200 gr) 24,80
Big platter of sausages with Sauerkraut (for 2 people) 54,80

Main dishes
Roasted Suebian pasta squares „Maultaschen“ with potato salad 14,80
Roasted beef liver with apples, onions and mashed potatoes 14,80
Bavarian liver dumplings with Sauerkraut and potato salad 16,80
Pork shnitzel with French fries 16,80
Bavarian roasted pork with bread dumplings and red cabbage 16,80
Portion knuckle with Sauerkraut and mashed potatoes 16,80
on pre-order
Knuckle XXL with Sauerkraut and mashed potatoes (6 persons) 96,80

Side dishes
French fries, potato salad, Sauerkraut, red cabbage 6,80
Green salad 4,80

Apple crumble cake 4,80
Tsiteli-Doli-waffles with Muraba of watermelone 6,80
Tsiteli-Doli-crepe with honey and walnuts 9,80
Bavarian „Apfelstrudl“ with vanilla ice cream or vanilla sauce 12,80

Children menu
Spaghetti Bolognese 8,80
Children-shnitzel with French fries 8,80
Crepe with Nutella and banana 8,80

Our prices includes VAT and service.