Restaurant and Beer Garden With a small guest house (3 rooms ) on the other side of the street of today’s Hotel Kartli , which was intended primarily for the accommodation and food for the first tourists of ERKA travel, we started 20 years ago. One of the first private guesthouses in the post-socialist Tbilisi. Soon American and German guests appreciated the quality of food and service and called the restaurant s2012_12_kueche_IMG_7191imply ” Rainer’s Cafe “. Even before the millenium a major hotel and restaurant was needed , the present Hotel Kartli with a beer garden and pizzeria, then the first and only pizzeria in Tbilisi. Many guests probably praised the “best pizza in town”. For many years the Kartli has been the only European speciality restaurant in Tbilisi , even today it is with its extensive selection of mainly German and Italian dishes a very popular location for those, who appreciate a dignified European cuisine. We can do without of fashionable plate frills, but strive at all times to the best quality of our food that we prepare fresh for the most part . TK – food and convenience are strangers to the kitchen team of Georgian women we have trained more than a decade.
In addition to the European food we`ve also developed the so-called “New Georgian Cuisine”: Recipes with Georgian roots,



enriched by the current culinary arts in Europe or Asia. An exciting culinary journey awaits you, which is extended every month with a new recipe. An ideal idea for tourists groups or corporate events.
We also combine the Georgian hospitality with the tradition of European cuisine in our “European Supra”. In the style of a grand Georgian table , we serve dishes from several European countries. A whole new dimension of rapprochement between Georgia and Europe.
Every month we offer under the label of “Cuisine of the World” international dishes that are rarely offered in Tbilisi. Almost all of our dishes , we also supply home delivery and catering service. Similarly, a wide range of packed lunches for day trips or hikes.

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ask our catering- and salesmanager Natia Khodiashvili oder Eric Gevorkyan