The slightly different catering
Why not take out the renowned cuisine of Kartli in claim ? Our catering service offers a customized range of European, Georgian and international cuisine for all occasions. Whether coffee break or conference service , reception with finger food, cold buffets, hot buffets . Or set food in an intimate setting . Or garden parties with BBQ and keg beer. Or themed buffets such as “New Georgian cuisine”, “Food from all parts of Germany – from Labskaus to Liver Dumplings”, “Tasty stews from around the world.” In its motto : The somewhat different, the individual catering service, away as possible from the mainstream stuff, you find at that (almost) every party .

We can host up to 150 people , including crockery, cutlery , glasses and service. Of course, with the full beverage service .

Ask our catering manager Natia Kodiashvili ( tel: 598 801 999 – email: ) or
Eric Gevorkian ( tel: 555 50 64 57 – email: ) . Or send an e-mail with your special requirements. We will gladly make you an offer.

Here you find a selection of our Catering:

Coffee breaks and conference services: From our wide selection of finger food, salads, wrapps, cakes and desserts we will arrange for you a customized quote for your meetings and conferences. Coffee, tea, soft drinks inclusive.

Fingerfood German style: Roasted vegetables on spit, baked Brussel sprouts in dow on spit, pieces of different saussages (boiled or roasted) on spit, mini-shnitzel on spit, mini beef filet on spit, stripes of duck breast or chicken fillet on spit, roll of salmon pancakes, meatballs, canapees, tarteletts of salmon, stuffed bakeries, mini “Alsatian Flammkuchen”, breadballs with bacon or cumlin, different sweets.

Fingerfood Georgian style: Mini-Mtschadi with Gorgonzola cheese, mini khatshapuri (traditional or internatiol style)

Fingerfood international style: Bruschetta, dried figs in bacon on spit, scampi on spit, mini Quiches, springrolls

Cold platters German style: Cheeses and saussages, marinated herring, burgers, roastbeef, pate of fish/game/liver, Obazda (Bavarian speciality from cheese), smoked trout, mousse of salmon or trout, roasted duck breast.
Cold platters Georgian style Mphkali

Cold platters international: Graved Salmon (homemade), smoked salmon, salmon pate, mousse of salmon, Tsatsiki, Antipasti Italiania, Pomodori caprese, Carpaccio, Pate de la maison, Hommus

Salads German style: Saussage salad, saussage salad with cheese, salad of “Munich Weißwurst”, potatoe salad, Bavarian cabbage salad, tomatoe salad, carrots salad, cucumber salad, different lettuces on season (rocket, bavaria, lollo rosso,and others)

Salads Georgian style: Tomatoe and cucumber salad with walnuts, salad of rice-noodles with lettuce and pommes de granate, salad of watermelons with Georgian Guda cheese and roasted sunflower seeds

Salads international: Tabouleh, Fattush, Frutti di mare, Ceasars Salat, Choriatiki, Salad Nicoise, Tortellini salad, Bruschetta salad

Soups and stews German style: Hungarian gyulash soup, liver dumplings soup, Suebian pasta squares soup, cream of champignon soup, vegetable soup, cream of potatoe soup (with roasted onions and bacon, saussages or salmon), vegetable stew, beef stew.

Soups and stews Georgian style: Cream of cilandro soup, cream of lobio soup wirh roasted salmon, Tshikhirmta
Soups and stews international: Tortellini in brodo, Minestrone, Jambalaya, Irish Stew, Chili con carne, gyulash Vienna style, pumpkin soup with ginger and coconut

Warm platters German style: Shnitzel, gyulash, cordon blue, beef rolls, cabbage rolls, roast beef with onions, roast pork or beef, pickles pork loin, Bavarian pork legs, roasted duck breast, pork medaillons, chicken ragout, chicken cordon blue, marinated and roasted beef, fresh baked meatloaf, liver dumplings, pickled pork loin “Kassler”, salmon in cream, roasted salmon, Labskaus (speciality from Hamburg)

Warm platters Georgian style: chicken rolls stuffed with Basturma and spinache, chicken fillet in cream of walnut or garlic sauce.

Warm platters international: Lambs ragout in cream of Roquefort sauce, lamb provencale, all pasta with different toppings, Boeuff Stroganoff, Boeuff Bourgugionne, Coq aux vin, Saltimbocca a la romana, chicken in Baileys sauce, Piccata milanese.

Crepes and Wrapps: We offer a wide selection of crepes, we can also prepare fresh on site, and Wrapps.

Side dishes: Sauerkraut, red cabbage, vegetable gratins, potatoe gratin, mashed potatoes, bread dumplings, pasta and gnocchi, different vegetables, potatoes gratinated with Roquefort, Suebian “Spätzle”, has browns and others.

BBQ: A wide selection of saussages, meatloaf, roasted pork, beef, lamb or chicken, roasted vegetables, baked potatoe.

We are glad to arrange your complete garden barbecue party including draft beer and drinks.

Desserts: Fruit tarteletts on season, Bavarian apple cake „Apfelstrudl“ with vanilla cream, vegetable jelly “Berliner Grütze”, fruit salad, aplle cakes, sweet “Alsatian Flammkuchen”, sweet crepes, Tiramisu, banana split, Georgian jelly of fruits, Pannacotta, salad of figs and tchurtchelas, different cakes and sweet bakeries.

Banquets: We serve at your set on site food for 5 up to 20 people in several courses. You can choose among all the dishes of our restaurant and catering service. And if you have a special request, we’ll do everything to fulfill it.